White Chocolate Peppermint Marshmallows

To me, the flavor combination of white chocolate and peppermint is quintessentially Christmas.  If the white chocolate and peppermint happen to top a gooey marshmallow or a soft, moist chocolate cookie…even better!

Tonight I made a white chocolate and crushed peppermint version of my Marshmallow Pops.  They are wonderfully rich and I love the refreshing hit of peppermint on top.  What an easy holiday treat!

I made a little mistake: instead of waxed paper, I just put the marshmallows on a plate once I finished dipping them. Bad idea. They wound up cemented to the plate...so, don't forget the waxed paper!!

I also made some chocolate cookies dipped in white chocolate and decorated with crushed peppermint.  I’ll post a picture tomorrow, but as a general rule, dare I say “yule?” white chocolate and peppermint are a tasty accent to any type of chocolate cookie for a quick dressed-up dessert.

Happy Holiday Baking!