Get Stamping Mad This Christmas!

Aren’t these large foam stamps cute?  I picked up a few sets at the local dollar store earlier this month.

These two stamps cost me just a dollar!

Instead of an ink pad, I used acrylic craft paint in a variety of holiday colors for the snowflake and poinsettia (thanks to my friend Megan for the idea!).  Just use a small paintbrush to apply the paint to the stamp…you can even add glitter on top of the finished stamps for holiday sparkle!

To protect my work area, I used an old paper plate as a makeshift “palette,” and tested the stamp on scrap paper.  Then it’s ready to stamp away!  I actually prefer the semi-faded look of the stamps that were only partially covered in paint.

Here is a partial shot of some paper that I am using to wrap gifts. I really like the homemade look of the stamps and that each one is different. If you are a bit more deliberate with your stamping, you can achieve a more uniform look.

Holiday-themed stamps like these can be used to transform brown or white paper into homemade wrapping paper, create personalized gift tags, design custom thank-you notes or greeting cards, and adorn recipe cards.  If you substitute fabric paint for the acrylic paint, you can even use stamps like these to decorate stockings, but don’t forget to do a test stamp or two before applying the wet stamp to fabric!

Allow the paint to dry, then enjoy. ♥

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