Re-purposing Recyclables: Cardboard

Ah, cardboard…there are so many wonderful uses for this material besides the obvious and seasonal Christmas gift box. Here are a few ways I like to recycle thin and thick cardboard at home any time of year:

I love to use thin cardboard to make templates for crafting and sewing patterns. The strength of the cardboard helps the templates stand up to pins, pokes, and movement. I have used cardboard to make templates for envelopes, picture frames, and paper cut-outs.

Thin cardboard also be used to make DIY coasters, bookmarks, and gift tags. I am going to be posting a decoupage project using cardboard, and a homemade ornament that gets its shape from a thin cardboard cut-out in the next week, so be sure to check back for the projects!

Perhaps the most creative use I can think of for thin cardboard is to cut circles from it and use them to separate chargers, china, and dishes from one another to prevent scratches when in storage. Paper plates also work well.

One of the ways I like to use a piece of thicker cardboard in my home is to store leftover yarn, ribbon, and twine remnants in a clean spool.” No more tangled messes here!