A Different Sort of Cookie “Swap”

I am sure that many of you have heard of or even attended a “cookie swap” where friends bring several dozen cookies and the recipes to exchange with one another.  Well, I had my own sort of cookie “swap” last Christmas…

In recent years, I have taken over much of the holiday baking in my family.  I honestly don’t mind doing it, and in the case of cookies, it really is more fun to save the decorating for an evening when all of us are sitting together getting messy in the kitchen!

Last Christmas, I was all set to bake a few dozen sugar cookies and I had the ingredients, but my Christmas cookie cutters were missing.  Now I know that a family member of mine (who shall remain nameless) accidentally kept them from the previous year when we baked together!

So, in a pinch, I used whatever cookie cutters I could round up from my collection: a football helmet, a car (or as we called it, the “Christmas El Camino”), a train, a fish, a half-moon, and a big flower.

My mistake turned out to be a lot of fun — our family had a wonderful time decorating and joking about the silly shapes, and I learned that while time-honored traditions are nice, it never hurts to put a new twist on them once and a while!