DIY Monogrammed Hats

Several years ago, I made three monogrammed hats for some friends as a Christmas gift.  They were affordable, practical, and adorable!

For about $12 per person, I created wonderfully personalized winter wear and it couldn’t have been easier to do!

Here is one of the hats I made.

DIY Monogrammed Hats

  • 1 winter hat per person (I used black skull caps because they have tight stitching, unlike a wooly, knit hat.  Each hat cost about $9.)
  • 1 sew-on appliqué initial per person (I used a simple black and white block letter patch that cost about $1.)
  • various sew-on patches, beads, buttons, etc. (I used colored glittery star patches that came in a pack of 3 for $3.)
  • needle and coordinating thread
  • pins

Before you begin sewing, plan the look of the hat by trying it on in the mirror (or enlisting a friend to wear it), and pinning the appliqué letter and sew-on accessories to the fabric.

Then, use the needle and coordinating thread to hand-sew the monogram design to the hat.  I like to knot the thread firmly and use an overcast stitch, because it secures the edges of the patches to the hat.

In mere minutes, the finished hat is ready for winter use!