Madame Verte Goes to Collage College

Today I had an art date with my good friend Megan who is an art teacher and an all-around creative gal.  We spent the majority of the day doing collage and decoupage.  It was such fun!

I learned all about mod-podge … how is it that I’ve never used it before?  Megan also showed me the Bristol board and craft foam that she uses to strengthen paper to make it “pop” out of her artwork.

I worked on a small set of five canvases.  I still have some items to sew on, and I will post more photos when I finish them all.

This first canvas is an homage to a friend of mine who taught me a lot about South American culture, and gave me many great memories.

Megan made a delightful coaster, an ornament, and a collage-in-a-box as a holiday gift.

This coaster is such a fun piece. We both agreed that we love the expressions of these ladies!

This is a charming ornament that Megan made for the holidays or as a decoration.

This is an intriguing box that Megan is finishing up. Each compartment tells a bit of a story, like little windows into life. I thought this was a very creative use of a wooden box.

I love the colorful, retro look of each piece we made and the idea of recycling old books, objects, and remnants to make new, treasured items.  It was as amusing to read and page through the old books as it was to create art with them.

What a lovely day!