Holly Berry Gift Tag/Ornament

I came up with these holly berry gift tags made out of felt to adorn odd-shaped gifts like tubes and bottles, or generic-looking presents and gift bags.  These tags are simple to create, and can be personalized with a bit of paper or card stock bearing the name of the recipient.

These tags could also be cute ornaments for giving!

Here are three different styles: with sequins, with sequins and buttons, and with buttons.

Holly Berry Gift Tag/Ornament
  for the leaves:  green felt scraps (you can use a single shade, or several as I did)
♦  for the berries:  red felt scraps, red sequins, beads, buttons or glitter glue
  needle and coordinating thread, or embroidery floss in red and green (if you don’t have sewing supplies, just use a strong brand of craft glue that dries clear)
  to attach: rubber band, hair tie, and needle with coordinating thread, OR grommet punch/strong craft hole punch and ribbon

Begin by cutting your holly leaf pieces from the green felt.  I personally free-hand them so they aren’t so “matchy-matchy.”

Then, draw and cut out a few holly berries from the red felt, or choose buttons, beads, sequins, or even round dabs of red glitter glue to make your berries.  It seems that three holly berries are a traditional look, but I would say that any odd number is fine!

Sew the felt pieces leaf together with a needle and green thread to make a holly cluster.  The knots should be as small as you can make them on the back side of the felt.  I laid out the leaves that I cut to get a general shape before sewing them together.  I think 3-4 leaves, depending on size, makes a nice cluster.

Sew or glue on your choice of red berries.

If you want, you can sew or glue an additional felt piece onto the back of the tag to disguise the knots.

Finally, it’s time to attach!

Sew the holly berry tag to a colorful rubber band or hair tie (I used brown) by making firm loops around the band with a needle and thread.  Then loop the band or tie around tube-shaped gifts, or the neck of a wine bottle or bottle of bath salts, etc.

If you want to attach the holly berry tag to a wrapped gift, gift bag, or to make a hanging ornament, punch a hole in the felt with a grommet punch and thread a length of festive ribbon through.  Tie the ribbon to the gift, the handle of a bag, or onto the tree!