A Christmas Tree Closet?!?!

Recently I was talking to a family member who told me an interesting story that I just knew I had to share here.

Apparently, this family member had a friend whose husband couldn’t stand the annual chore of putting up the family Christmas tree, so a few years ago he told her that she had to do it all by herself.

After one year of dragging the Christmas tree down from the attic and putting on all the lights, ornaments, etc., and then putting it all away after the holidays, the wife decided she had had enough.

So she had her husband make her a Christmas tree closet wide enough to fit her tree (with all the trimmings still on) inside.  Each year when Christmas rolls around, she wheels the tree out, spruces it up a bit, and plugs it in.  When Christmas is over, back in the closet it goes!

Brilliant or impractical?  You be the judge.  I’m going with brilliant…

Happy Holidays!