Miniature “Santa’s List”

Mon mari and I are in the early stages of Advent and each day he and I secretly fill the little slots of our Advent calendar with trinkets, sweets, jokes, and messages for each other.  A little love note makes for a beautiful start to the day.

One of the things that I love most about celebrating Advent is how affordable it is (at least our version).  Most of what we do involves bits of paper with doodles, poems, and general silliness.  The gifts are small, tasty, and sometimes unusual, and come from the dollar store or other bargain finds.  I seldom spend more than $10 for the whole twelve days.  (We split up the odd and even days, and exchange our regular gifts on Christmas day).

For one of the notes that I wrote to mon mari this year, I came up with a miniature “Santa’s List.”  I made a long strip of green paper that looked similar to a roll of paper out of an envelope remnant.  On the top, I wrote “Santa’s List” in curvy script.  Underneath I wrote mon mari‘s name over and over ending with our dog’s name near the bottom and trailing off.

After the list I wrote:  “Ok, I know I’ve got to be on here somewhere, but Santa put down all the nicest people first!”  I decorated the list with a foam cutout of a peppermint candy.  Sequins would’ve been cute, too.

Finally, I rolled the strip of paper up like a scroll and tied it with some black embroidery thread looped around and tied in a bow.  See photo.

It would be easy to customize your own miniature “Santa’s List” for gift-giving, as a holiday joke, or even as a personalized place card.  I hope you enjoy this idea as much as I did!