Re-purposing Round Felt Ornaments

One of my talents has always been improvising — using many different items available to me to accomplish a task when the original or intended item is unavailable.  I think my flair for improvisation has contributed to my desire to re-purpose many of the items around my home and decorate stylishly on a budget.

Today, I saw these round felt ornaments and thought they would make clever holiday coasters in my little vignette near the front window of my home.  It seems that my guests are always looking for a convenient place to rest a tea-cup or a plate of cookies, and these felt ornaments will add a seasonal pop of color while protecting my small table from scratches and moisture.  Each ornament cost a little over $1.

Here are the red and white ornaments. They are made of a very sturdy felt and have three thick layers to stand up to drinks and other holiday fare.

A little snip of the red strings used to hang them on a holiday tree, and they will be ready to use!

Since these felt "coasters" are bright red and white, I can use them all through the Christmas holiday up until Valentine's Day...what a bargain!