An Afternoon in the Past

Since the Christmas holiday is just weeks away, I thought I would spend some of the day today going through the clutter around my home in preparation for the onslaught of family, friends, and festivities.  I initially went upstairs in search of a few elusive Christmas decorations, and I wound up going through old craft supplies, linens, and my grandmother’s sewing caddy.

I am named after my grandmother and I look like her.  One of the items that I treasure most is an old brooch that has a picture of her when she was a young girl.  Every time I look at it, I feel as though I am looking in the mirror.  Unfortunately for me, my grandmother died when I was very little, and I only have one memory of her…but we are so similar that I like to imagine that she is living through me today.

I have always enjoyed buttons and other little things, but I never thought about why.  As I opened my grandmother’s sewing caddy, I was blown away by the HUNDREDS of buttons that she had lovingly saved.  Many of the buttons are still on cards and most are grouped according to color in jars, which is, ironically, the same way that I organize my button collection!

I couldn’t even begin to sort through all the buttons that she collected over the years, but I have resolved to slowly go through them, and clean the debris and rust left on some of them over time.

My grandmother also had several buckles, clasps, hooks, and needles among her sewing items and buttons.  I would love to think of a way to display some of them, perhaps I will mount them in a shadow box or similar medium.  I have included some photos:

I love these old buttons, they just don't make buttons as intricate as these anymore!

So many colors...I just love the detail on these!

The white buttons on the far left are my favorite so far, they remind me of the flowers my grandmother had in her yard -- they were lily-of-the-valley.

I expected to see a few buttons in with my grandmother’s things, but I never thought I would find so many!  It’s clear to me now, that my grandmother and I share much more than looks and a name.

What a wonderful way to begin the holiday season, and be grateful for the precious gift of family.