DIY Kitchen Towel Napkins

My collection of table linens is rather pithy, especially for someone who enjoys entertaining as much as I do.  It is no wonder that I bought up these red, cream, and yellow kitchen towels by Kate Spain to transform them into quick napkins.

Now, some folks might use these towels as-is for napkins, and that is fine, but look at what is possible with a little extra effort…

Here is a finished towel. You can see my stitching and the red, ruffled ribbon at the bottom of the napkin.

DIY Kitchen Towel Napkins
Each towel makes two approximately 18″ x 12″ napkins.

¤  kitchen towels of your choice (I prefer patterns because an all-over pattern or consistent border looks more like a napkin when finished)
¤  scissors
¤  sewing machine with coordinating thread or needle and thread
¤  thick grosgrain or ruffled ribbon (satin is not a good choice for these)

Optional:  embroidery thread and buttons, beads, or other embellishments

Begin by cutting each kitchen towel in half along the top to make two napkins from one towel.

Here is the towel before it is cut. Fold it evenly and cut along the top to make two equal pieces.

Tuck the cut ends of the first towel piece under and make a clean edge.  Use a straight stitch or a running stitch to go across the cut side.  On my towel, I used a light, gold thread.

Sew on the ribbon wherever you like, doubling the ends under and aligning them with the edges of the towel piece to create an even border.  Use a coordinating color of thread to stitch the ribbon onto the kitchen towel with a straight stitch or a running stitch.  I used red thread for the red, ruffled ribbon.

I just love this ribbon and it really goes a long way because of the elastic stretch. I am already brainstorming other ways to use it!

Repeat the steps to finish a set of napkins.  Embellish the napkins if desired.