Quick Cardboard Gift Tags

I recently purchased a set of cardboard gift tags made by Paper Magic Group and the simple design of them got me thinking that it would be easy to recreate additional tags at home using thin cardboard scraps or even manilla folders, a grommet punch or small hole punch, and colored embroidery floss or ribbon.

Here are the tags I bought. The front side is plain on some and glittery on others. The simplicity of the cardboard is nice against busy wrapping paper.

I made a few designs in mere minutes using a craft scissors with a scalloped edge and an old manilla folder for a winter white hue.  A craft punch could also be used to make various shapes.  Obviously, a piece of thin cardboard is a little sturdier than a manilla folder, but the manilla folder could be reinforced with a bit of colored card stock glued to the back.

Here are the tags I made. One is a circular shape and the other is a diamond shape.

What an affordable way to label a holiday gift or an everyday present!