Glitter-Tipped Pine Cones

A few pine cones make a wonderfully affordable, decorative accent any time of year, but especially during the fall and winter months.  These natural accessories are free if you are blessed to have a pine tree in your yard!

This pine cone has purple glitter...

If not, you can purchase a bag of inexpensive pine cones at most stores, and some even come with a spicy, cinnamon-like scent.

I decorated some of the tips of these pine cones with a glitter glue pen.  The pens come in all sorts of rainbow colors, and once the glue dries, it loses the stickiness factor.  The glitter is left behind to add sparkle to all sorts of projects.

This one is tipped every so often with golden glitter...

A set of these pine cones would make charming place cards or a rustic centerpiece for a holiday table.