In Lieu of a Card…

One of the holiday traditions that I like best is the practice of sending holiday greeting cards to friends and loved ones. I enjoy hearing how the year has gone for the people in my life, watching their children grow up, and looking at photos included with personal letters.

It is nearly time for me to sit down and write our annual holiday letter, and I found myself wondering today about how many people have given up this tradition due to economic strain in recent years.

If you are thinking of forgoing a holiday card this year, you might want to consider doing what one of my relatives does…

Beginning last year, this relative decided to make holiday phone calls to all the special people who usually send her cards, photos, and letters.

I was amazed at the reaction she got — everyone was so thrilled to hear from her, and she was able to have detailed conversations with each of them. Not a bad idea at all.

Of course, there is a financial benefit too — with holiday phone calls there is no need to buy printer ink or pens, stationery, holiday cards and envelopes, photo paper, professional photos, or stamps. A simple calling card, a cell phone with unlimited nights and weekends, or a long-distance plan will do.

What a nice way to keep up with tradition and save a little extra jingle in your pockets!