Culinary Bucket List

Last week, I happened upon another WordPress site called “Things K Likes, which features a “Baking Bucket List” page where the author lists recipes she would like to bake in the future.

I decided to start my own “Culinary Bucket List” page on Ma Petite Maison Verte so that I could keep a running list of recipes and dishes that I aspire to cook someday. Similar to the “Baking Bucket List” at, I thought I would also link to the posts of the recipes as I make them, and cross them off the list.

I will continually update my “Culinary Bucket List” as I come across other foods to try.

Please view my “Culinary Bucket List” and comment on the page if you readers have any dishes that you would like to see me make and blog about.

I love to read your comments!