Festive and Floral

As the winter holidays near, it is time to begin stocking up on small gifts for hosts and hostesses alike.

One of my favorite items to give (or to receive) is a small house plant. I was recently given a red amaryllis which I just planted in a pot in my window nook overlooking the street. It gives me joy to know that the showy, red flowers will greet me each morning this winter as I open the windows to a new day.

I think violets, herbs (especially rosemary this time of year), bamboo, poinsettias, and even cactus, all make lovely gifts.

I always try to find a plant in a colorful pot and saucer, or I make my own using a plain terra cotta pot and saucer and colored craft paints. You can spray a clear coating on the set once it has been painted for a finished look, and even glue on painted wooden letters for a sentiment: “Noel,” “Thanks,” etc., or personalized monogram.

For added flair, a wooden stake with a decoration can be inserted into the soil. Several plant varieties can be planted outdoors in the warmer months once the holidays are over.

Happy Entertaining!