Fall Flourishes at Home

Everywhere I go, the signs of fall abound. I can feel the season in the crisp freshness of the cool morning air. I can see it in the palette of red, gold, and orange leaves dropping gracefully to the ground to crunch underfoot.

It is easy to be inspired by the sights and scents of fall. One of the things I like to do is spend some time outdoors collecting natural souvenirs to use in home decorating.

A pile of leaves can accent place cards or dress up a centerpiece. (It’s best to collect and use fallen leaves on the same day, for obvious reasons!)

A handful of acorns can be placed on a side table or in a clear dish for display.

Tree branches can be painted in a metallic finish and used in place of a floral arrangement, or as a centerpiece with candles. Use whatever paint color you like.

Natural touches of fall are both fun and affordable to collect and display!