Homemade Root Beer Floats

Tonight I had a powerful craving…for a root beer float.  Apparently, some people love the taste of root beer (me) and others not so much (mon mari).  That’s fine with me though, more root beer floats for me this week!

When I make a root beer float, I use good vanilla ice cream.  My definition of good vanilla ice cream is the kind with little bits of vanilla bean speckled throughout.  If you can’t see the vanilla bean, it’s not vanilla ice cream in my book.  A good, yellowish French vanilla is tasty too, but this elusive treat is virtually nonexistent in the markets around here.

See the specks of vanilla bean? Yummy.

Next, I pour in some root beer until the foam almost reaches the top.  In case you’re curious, diet root beer is equally delicious in a float.

I like to watch the thick, bubbly mixture creep up the glass as the root beer mixes with the vanilla ice cream.

The froth takes over...the ice cream is in there, but since I used a cup, you can't see it floating as well.

After a few slurps of the frothy, vanilla goodness at the top, I stir vigorously and then sip up the remaining float leisurely while watching shows on the telly or reading articles on my favorite decorating websites.

I took a big gulp off the top!

Then it's time to grab a spoon and enjoy every last drop of root beer float. Maybe I'll do this again tomorrow!

A good evening if I do say so myself!