Turkey Poufs

Last month, I bought a bag of poufy, craft balls in orange, black, and purple, and today I pondered what to do with them.  Then I came up with this idea of tiny turkeys with silly eyes based on the simple turkey doodles I draw every year at Thanksgiving.

Once I started making turkeys, I couldn’t stop until I had a gaggle of turkey poufs ready to invade the house with their cuteness and festive charm!

Turkey Poufs

Here are the supplies to create a single turkey…make as many as you want, turkeys like friends!

♦  two pouf balls (one large for the body, one medium for the head) in a fall color (I used orange)
♦  two googly eyes
♦  coordinating felt scraps (I used an array of fall colors: red, yellow, gold, orange, and brown)
♦  one thick, self-adhesive felt pad (the kind you put on the bottom of a vase or other accessory to keep it from scratching the surface of furniture)
♦  scissors
♦  q-tips
♦  craft glue that dries clear

Begin by gluing the medium pouf ball to the large pouf ball to make the turkey body.  Use a q-tip dipped in glue to affix the googly eyes to make the face.

Cut out feathers from different shades of felt and a tiny scrap of red felt to use as a wattle.  I found that five feathers looked nice per turkey, but four might be even easier to glue on.  Cut two webbed feet on spindly legs for the turkey.  For the legs/feet, I used yellow and gold shades of felt.

Glue the feathers onto the back of the large pouf ball that is the body of the turkey, fanning the feathers to make plumage.  Glue the legs/feet to the bottom of the large pouf ball.  You can use a q-tip to spread glue on the felt pieces, if needed.  Press the feathers gently as the glue dries to secure them firmly to the ball.

As the final step, I glued a thick felt pad to the bottom of each turkey body to help the legs stay on and allow the turkeys to sit upright in all my little nooks and crannies!