I’m Thankful Place Cards

I just love pumpkins and I’m so glad that I get to use them for two months in a row each year!  November brings us blustery days and chilly evenings and officially starts the holiday season.  During this month, I serve hearty suppers with family and friends in a warm, cozy house and prepare for a slew of fall entertaining.

In that vein, I made these “I’m thankful” place cards to stick in some wooden pumpkin place card holders for a fall table.

You can choose any font or color that you like, even handwriting what or who you are thankful for on each place card.  I put the names of dinner guests.

On a lighter note, you could put phrases that apply to your friends and family like: I’m thankful for… “a daughter who gets an A on her history assignment” or “a husband who does the dishes” or be a bit more comical for laughs!

I’m thankful for…  Angela’s silly banana costume

I’m thankful for…  wet doggy kisses from George’s mutt Snoopy

I’m thankful for…  two helpings of Mom’s pecan pie

You get the idea!