My New Breakfast Routine

Initially, I thought I would blog today about how to create the “naughty cupcake” that I loved so much in my post Hurry Up Halloween! but I mysteriously misplaced the foam pieces that form the base of the cupcake…so, on to another topic. If I eventually locate the foam, I’ll post a belated Halloween tutorial!

Instead, I thought I would share my new breakfast obsession: Greek yogurt. I will admit that I’m not a big breakfast person. For some reason, a large morning meal throws off my whole day.

But, in the interest of health, I have been eating Greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast (and occasionally having a few spoonfuls with lunch, too). I especially enjoy Greek yogurt with honey – it’s the perfect balance of sweetness and tang.

Since the Greek yogurt has jazzed up my morning routine, I started thinking about other recipes to use it in. I think plain Greek yogurt would make a delicious raita. One of my very favorite steak recipes pairs a seared, pepper-encrusted filet with a refreshing cucumber raita.

If you’ve never tried raita, it’s an Indian yogurt sauce. Mine has a combination of cucumber, lemon or lime juice, herbs, and salt and pepper. Variations of the sauce also appear regularly in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Greek yogurt might also be a tasty substitute for sour cream in many refrigerated dips like spinach dip or onion chip dip.

If it weren’t so late now, I might steal a spoonful or two, I’m hungry!