A Metal Tree for All Seasons

I thought I would take a few minutes to blog about a home accessory I bought this weekend in a frenzied dash to the fabric store for some last-minute Halloween costume supplies.

I found myself zoning out in the middle of the store knowing full well that I should get home to my (borrowed) sewing machine as soon as possible, but my feet seemed cemented to the floor.  I really had no desire to leave the comfortable, brightly-lit space, and I found myself almost hypnotized by all the kits, vases, baskets, holiday knick-knacks and other things on sale.

It was in this moment of weakened defenses, that I spied a metal jewelry tree.  I speculate that jewelry trees are typically used to hang bracelets and necklaces for storage or display, but my mind was going in a different direction.

I had been looking at rather expensive metallic trees for hanging mini ornaments for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.  Most of the trees I saw in home magazines were at least double the cost of this little tabletop tree, and with my store coupon and another $6 knocked off the price, I got the tree for well under $10.  A holiday decorating win in my book.

Now, I can’t wait to create some itty bitty ornaments for this thing…look for ornament ideas in upcoming blog posts!  I just love finding a good bargain, don’t you??