Sore Feet – The Mark of a Truly Great Party

The green, blue, gold, and black eye makeup has been removed and the gold baubles put away. Cleopatra has left the building. All that remains of the Egyptian Queen are two very sore feet propped up on a stack of pillows, and a pile of gold and white fabric.

Just like that, another Halloween party has come and gone.

This year was particularly successful I think, because I learned an important hostess lesson: make as many dishes ahead of time as you can. There is nothing worse than being anchored to the stove when everyone else is laughing and having a great time. This year, I tried to focus on simple dishes with bold flavors – cheesy bread-sticks and savory, garlicky spinach dip. Of course, I had to throw in a bit of Halloween flair!

As the sound of the dishwasher lulls me off to sleep, I know that tomorrow means that I will begin unpacking Thanksgiving decorations and preparing to bid adieu to Halloween, but for now, I will be content in the fact that we had another great Halloween party surrounded by people we love. Is anything more fun than that?