Frightful Dessert Fondue

One of my favorite suppers involves bringing out the fondue pot, the colorful forks, and some flavorful ingredients for a three-course meal.  When I make fondue, I generally begin with a creamy cheese, followed by a rich bouillon, with some decadent chocolate to finish.  This blog post is all about the sweet ending.

In keeping with the Halloween theme this month, here are some tips to add a little holiday spirit or trick to your treat:

  • White Chocolate Fondue if you like the taste of white chocolate fondue, consider adding red food coloring to a white chocolate fondue recipe to make the resulting fondue “bloody” or add orange or green coloring for a festive or slimy twist.
  • Fruit Cut Outs use small cookie cutters or Linzer cookie cutters to make Halloween shapes out of thin fruit slices.  Different types of melon: watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe, or pineapple work best.  See my earlier post, Now These Call for Cookies! for a holiday-inspired Linzer set.
  • Grave Stones Oval sandwich cookie halves double as grave stones for dippers.  Just split open sandwich cookies, scrape out the filling, and then cut or break the remaining cookies in half to make the grave stone shapes.
  • Halloween Marshmallows use pumpkin-shaped marshmallows or colored marshmallows (orange, green, purple) to dip into the chocolate.
  • Orange Sandwich Cookies look for the orange-filled seasonal variety of chocolate sandwich cookies to add to the dipper selection.
  • Orange Chocolate Fondue I really enjoy the flavor combination of chocolate and orange, and if you do too, add a bit of orange zest, orange liqueur, or orange extract to your favorite chocolate fondue recipe.