Fast and Easy: Halloween Office Chic

I was walking around the craft store this weekend, and I saw a kit to make a little bat using a small ball made from wooden reeds wrapped together.  The kit included eyes, wings, and fangs to make a little bat face on the ball.

The kit got me thinking: it would be easy to do the same thing with a rubber band ball and give the balls to co-workers and friends for a little holiday cheer.  The face and wing shapes for the bat could be cut from construction paper, card stock, or felt (you could even use the firm kind) and glued on the ball.

If bats aren’t appealing, a pumpkin rubber band ball might be even simpler: cut out a stem and leaf shapes and glue them to the top of the ball.  A jack-o-lantern face could also be added.

What a fun way to decorate any desk!