DIY Sparkly Spiders

One of the Halloween accessories I bought this year was a package of spiders fashioned out of glittery jingle bells.  I could only find a few colors, so I decided to try and make my own to add more colors to the mix.  I made a purple spider and a lime green spider.

Here is how I did it:

DIY Sparkly Spiders


  • Glitter-covered jingle bells (available in craft stores in a wide range of colors, not orange though, because that was the color I really wanted to make!)

For each spider, you will need one large, and one small jingle bell.

  • Colored paper clips (I used purple and green, which you can get at an office supply store)

For each spider, you will need 4 paper clips for the legs.

  • Strong glue


Straighten the paper clips as best you can to make 4 lengths of wire.

Don't worry if the clips aren't perfectly straight, you will be bending them into legs anyway. You only need to be able to thread them through the underside holes of the larger jingle bell.

Twist the lengths together in the middle by wrapping one straightened paper clip around the rest.  Twist once or twice to secure.  There should be four small lengths on either side for the “legs.”

Feed the 4 pieces of wire gently through one hole (gap) on the underside of the large jingle bell straight through the hole on the opposite side.  You want to go straight across so that the spider can sit upright on the legs.  Once you have threaded the wire through, bend the legs downward to hold them in place.  You can adjust the legs to achieve the look you like.  You may need to move the legs around a bit to see which position looks best and holds the weight of the jingle bells upright.

Finally, glue the smaller jingle bell “head” to the larger jingle bell “body” by fitting the metal loop of the small bell into the dip near the loop of the big bell.  Hide both loops on the underside of the small jingle bell so that they are not visible.

This is a close-up of the lime green spider. You can see a bit of glue on the legs, I happen to think it adds character!

Here is the purple spider. You may have glittery fingers when you finish this project!

Place the spiders around your home for Halloween fun!