Leaf Toss Pillows

These are some toss pillows I made today with a fall motif.  Rain makes me feel like sewing…I’m not sure why.

One side.

The reverse.

I used fluffy, almost duvet-like, place mats (about $5 for a set of four) and sewed them together on three sides to create two pillows.  Then I stuffed the pillows with filler and sewed them shut with coordinating thread.

Time to get stuffed!

For a cartoonsy tutorial on creating pillows out of different fabric items around your home, see my post Pillows 101.

I like the leaf pattern on these, but I think I might dress them up even more with some ribbon sewn on the opening and maybe some beads too!  If I do that, I will definitely post a photo update!

Now it’s officially fall in my living room!