Poisonous Potions and Creepy Elixirs

This is a simple Halloween decoration that anyone can make.

I tried to think of mad-lab type ingredients: the eyes of newts and bat wings...

I used some glass bottles from my recycling bin (a mini wine bottle, and two orange drink bottles), some flat black spray paint, a white paint pen, a few cotton balls, and some icky critters to make a few potions and jars from Dr. Frankenstein’s lab!

Begin by removing the tops and labels from the bottles, and washing them out.  You can keep the tops for the finished bottles, or replace them with craft corks, old wine corks, or use cotton balls and creepy crawlies, as I did.

Allow the bottles to dry, and put a bit of painters’ tape around the tops.

Put a piece of painter's tape around the top of each "potion" bottle.

Use flat black spray paint to coat the bottles.  They dry in no time at all!  Once the paint has dried, peel off the tape around the tops.

I think these bottles would make cute vases too!

Now the fun part: decide how you want to decorate the bottles and use a white paint pen to write on them.  Finish the bottles with cotton balls pulled apart to create spider webs, and plastic Halloween favors, or the corks of your choice.

These potion and elixir bottles are a great addition to a table setting, a mantle, or any other area that needs some Halloween-themed decoration on a budget!

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