The Magic of Sod Grass

I have been working on my front yard since July and today it was time for the finishing touch: a nice, new lawn from fresh sod.

I can’t believe the difference a bunch of sod has made in my former dirt pile-of-a-yard…it’s pretty amazing. I also can’t believe how easy the sod was to install–we went from a literal mud pit to a lush, carpet of grass in a little over an hour! Of course, our yard is small, but if we can do it, so can you!!

The grass was also insanely cheap. I had heard stories about how expensive sod could be, and that grass often needs to be ordered in advance, but we used a small, local nursery and they had everything in stock this morning. There is certainly something to be said for buying local. I do it whenever I can!

The process of laying the sod was fairly quick too, and pretty soon we can begin enjoying the new yard. In fact, I think that picking up and laying our own sod lawn might just be the easiest home improvement project we’ve attempted so far!

Now it’s just a matter of keeping the neighborhood pets away until it’s established!