Skeleton in a Corner

I purchased a package of plastic skeletons a few years ago to add to my home during Halloween.  They were rather cheap and stiff, and other than hanging them from a banister, window, or wall, there wasn’t much I could do with them.

This year, I found them sandwiched in with the rest of my Halloween decorations and I wondered how I could use them.  Then I thought about breaking the skeletons apart so that I could pose them however I wanted.  Of course, if you have skeletons that have movable joints, you can easily place them wherever you like, but I had to perform skeleton “surgery” and cut the skeletons at the limbs so that I could glue the limbs back together in a better position.

For the skeleton below, I used a scissors to cut the arms off at the elbows and then I re-glued the arms on with a strong glue so that the skeleton could “sit” in the corner of a shelf.  The glue I used expanded a bit, but held the arms on firmly. You can see the joint pretty well in the photo, at the left arm.

Here is one of the skeletons perched on my bookshelf.

It is important to cut the joints so that they are straight and the limbs will re-attach with glue.  If the joint is “bony,” curved, or uneven, the glue may not be strong enough to hold it.  Please be careful not to get your fingers stuck together with glue, it’s no fun at all!

I put a few of these skeletons on bookshelves, in nooks and crannies, and dangling over the edges of ledges around my home.