Found Treasures: Appetizer Forks

There is something to be said about things that are a bit older.  They’ve been around, they’ve endured the test of time, they’ve witnessed memories.  And this observation is coming from a gal who generally prefers the look of fresh, modern spaces with lots of light and architectural interest.

I don’t go to yard sales, antique shops, or flea markets very often, but when I do, I tend to bring home found treasures that find a prominent place in my home: a blue/green glazed urn in my guest bathroom, or a little ceramic bottle shaped like an elephant on a side table.

One of my more recent finds was this set of appetizer forks.  They weren’t expensive at all, but I was immediately drawn to the quirky handles.  I can’t wait to use them for the first time.

Six forks, just waiting for a party.

What are some of the found treasures in your home?  What roles do they play in your home décor?  Feel free to share some of your best finds in the comments section, I love hearing about the great home accents other people have discovered!