Fall Treats: Pumpkin Butter

I am sure that some of you have had apple butter, but have you ever tasted pumpkin butter?  I received a jar of the stuff as a gift, and I just adore it.  Mine has a bit of port in it too, for good measure.

Pumpkin butter is a rich, delicately spiced, pumpkin puree that adds a fall touch to any snack.

I know that specialty food shops carry all sorts of jams, butters, and elegant sauces, so I would highly recommend looking for this tasty butter.  A jar of pumpkin butter will also keep for quite some time in the refrigerator, and is perfect for impromptu parties.

I like to spread it on crackers with a bit of whipped cream cheese for a quick appetizer, on warm toast for breakfast, on shortbread cookies, or on graham crackers (pictured) for a sweet and savory bite.