Eew! Rat Place Cards!

I shudder a bit as I write this, because I have an aversion to anything that scuttles about, but these rat place cards will add some creepiness to your Halloween smorgasbord!

A package of rat cut-outs cost about a dollar, but it's easy to make these at home.

I got the black rat cut-outs at the store, and then glued on red sequins for eyes.  But you can make your own from black construction paper or card stock.

Then, use a white paint marker, white pencil, white crayon, or even chalk to write out the name of each guest or the dish being served.  A silver paint marker or pencil would probably work, too.

A white pencil or pen really stands out on the black paper.

Here is a sample I wrote, so you can see how well it shows up!

If rats aren’t your thing, you could make black cats, bats, vultures, ravens, spiders, or witch’s hats to use instead!

Happy Entertaining!