“Wicked” Rings for Spoooky Stemware

I thought of this idea for drink charms or wine charms the other day while I was going through my Halloween decorations.  I was digging around in my fall décor boxes, and I came across a bag of plastic rings used for party favors: spiders, skulls, etc.  What a cheap way to add a little festivity to a wine tasting or a holiday party!

Here are a few rings on some black glasses I have.

If the ring is a solid circle in the back, just make a quick cut with a scissors and slip the ring onto any stemware glass to denote drinks at a fall fête.  The rings, which are made for small fingers, are the perfect size for a wine glass or other stemware!

Here is a white skull ring I found among my decorations.

This is the back of the ring, where you can make a small cut if the band is not already open.

Use different fall shapes for each guest, like spiders, bats, skulls, cats, witch’s hats, and pumpkins.  If you can only find rings of one color, say, orange spiders, make tiny slips of paper with a little hole to string on the rings.  Each guest can write his or her name on the paper, and attach the ring to the stem of their glass.

When the party is over, your guests can remove the rings and take them home!