Dress Your Decor — For Halloween!

As you have probably guessed, I am a big proponent of using materials you already own to achieve fun and interesting new creations.  I especially like all the freakish, googly-eyed, glittery, and frightful characters that come out to play in our homes this time of year.  These monsters, ghouls, and cuties are even better if you can fashion them from items in your closet, sewing basket, basement, or attic.

Here is a sculpture that I bought at the end of summer to sit on my mantle.  One of the reasons I bought it was because I imagined how entertaining it would be to decorate the little heads with holiday-themed hats.  What better way to use up all the felt scraps I always seem to have around the house?

Look at all the little people...sitting so sweetly on my mantle!

I decided to sew two Halloween-type hats for the people to wear.  One in the shape of a jack-o’-lantern, and the other, a witch’s hat.  The method for each hat is outlined below.  If you’re not into sewing, you could easily make your own hats with modeling clay (which you could bake to firm up, or not), fabric scraps glued together, or paper.

Here are the people all dressed up for Halloween with frightful little hats!


 felt scraps (of all colors…I used black, orange, bright green, emerald green, and kelly greenPurple would also be great for the witch’s hat, but I didn’t have any on hand.)


 coordinating thread



Begin by cutting the shapes for your felt hats.  I used a folded rectangle of felt to make the jack-o’-lantern and witch’s hat, so that both pieces (front and back) would be the same size.  Then, I drew and cut a circle for the brim of the witch’s hat.  You can draw the shapes on the felt first, or just cut them free-hand.

Here are the felt pieces for the witch's hat.

These are the felt pieces for the jack-o'-lantern. For the face, I cut out tiny black triangles and a mouth and sewed them on.

At this point, you can sew on the surface details using the needle and coordinating thread.  A face adds personality to the jack-o’-lantern, and a ribbon with a buckle finishes the witch’s hat.  I made these from felt scraps in my ever-present collection!

To assemble the hats, sew the edges of the jack-o’-lantern and the witch’s hat together, hiding the beginning and ending stitches on the inside of the hat.  You can use whatever  hand-sewing stitch you like.  I used a rough, overcast stitch where you loop the thread over the outer edge of the felt for both hats.  I especially liked the look that this stitch gave to the edges of the jack-o’-lantern.  Be sure to leave a little hole in the underside of the pumpkin for the “head” you are decorating!

Cut a tiny hole in the circular witch’s hat brim cut out of felt.  You can use firm felt if you wish.  Then, sew the peak of the hat to the brim.

Optional: You can finish the hats with a bit of glitter, a button, a dangling charm, or a ribbon bow for extra flair.

A close-up view of the Halloween hats!