Sprucing Up Store-Bought Signs

If you’re like me, you enjoy a visit to the dollar store or neighborhood bargain shop once in a while.  One of my favorite things to do with dollar store finds is to dress them up so that they reflect my personal style.

An example: here are two Halloween signs that I bought to decorate my home this year.  I’m putting the larger, food-themed one on a miniature easel atop a sideboard in my dining room, and the small hanging sign on my powder room door.  Each sign was less than $2.

Here are both signs before I modified them. The only thing I did to the large sign was to cut a piece of twine that was threaded through the holes on each side for hanging.

The signs don’t look all that bad as-is, but I know I can make them look even better with a few supplies from around the house!

For the small sign, I glued orange sequins on a few of the polka dots for added sparkle.

For the large sign, I took a black paint pen and went all around the outside border to make the text stand out. I also tied Halloween "Trick or Treat" ribbon in bows through each hole. The method is below.

In this photo, you can see both corners. I knotted the ribbon on the back side and used a yarn needle to thread each tail piece of ribbon through the hole. Then, I tied bows on each side.

I think these signs are ready for Halloween now!