Black and White Week: The Black and White Cookie

Well, it wouldn’t be “Black and White Week” if I didn’t at least try to make a batch of black and white cookies.  Even writing about black and white cookies reminds me of the Seinfeld episode, and the fact that whenever I see a black and white cookie, I just want to eat it.

And now I can…

Black and White Cookies
Makes about 24 cookies, depending on size.

I used the basic recipe from Scrumptious Sour Cream Sugar Cookies and just added a sprinkling of ground cinnamon to the dry ingredients.  See the original post for the instructions.

Then I made black and white icings to frost the cookies.  The white icing was a basic cookie glaze made by mixing powdered sugar with a bit of milk and a dash of vanilla.  Yum!

The black icing was chocolate-based.  I used about 1 cup of semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips.  The ratio was 3/4 milk chocolate, 1/4 semi-sweet chocolate.  You could use whatever you like.

This mix of chocolate in the cookie icing is a great way to clean out the pantry!

I melted the chips gently until the chocolate was smooth and shiny.  Then I added a bit of powdered sugar and a splash of milk.  I stirred the mixture to form the chocolate frosting.

To turn the frosting black, I added red, green, and blue food coloring and stirred away.  The result was pretty close to black, and honestly, it was good enough for me.  I did try using black food coloring first, but I found that it didn’t change the color of the chocolate.

Here are the measurements:
♦  Red Food Coloring: 15 drops (in 3 batches of 5)
♦  Green Food Coloring: 15 drops (in 3 batches of 5)
♦  Blue Food Coloring: 20 drops (in 3 batches of 5, plus 5 additional drops at the end)

I had a lot of fun making these black and white cookies and I think they taste great, but they could definitely be prettier.  I even tried using a plastic bag to pipe on the icings, but it seemed to be a messy, imperfect process.  Maybe I need a steadier hand!

Mon mari joked that if my cookies are any indication of racial harmony, then the world is in trouble!  But they do taste delicious!

Ebony and ivory, and tasty!

I hope you’ve enjoyed “Black and White Week” at Ma Petite Maison Verte!  I have so many fun things planned for the month of October!!