Black and White Week: Chalkboards at Home

Some chalkboard storage canisters.

As “Black and White Week” nears its end, I just had to discuss the re-appearance of the schoolhouse and café staple: the chalkboard, in home décor today.

One way that I have incorporated a little bit of black and white (and functionality) into my home in recent months was with a French, food-themed chalkboard for my home office.  You can see a picture of it in My Love Affair With Flat Black!

The chalkboard was originally a grungy brown color and had an ugly, stenciled rooster on it — now, I have nothing against roosters, but it wasn’t exactly the look I was going for.  I was happy to give the chalkboard a makeover, and hang it on the wall of my renovated office.

Lately, I have noticed that it seems as if chalkboards are making a comeback, in a BIG way.  Everywhere you look there is a new chalkboard design, or a creative application for chalkboard paint.

I have a good friend named Andrea who has a charming condo in the heart of the city and she painted the back of her large, architectural front door with chalkboard paint so that she could use it for lists, reminders, doodles, and glow-in-the-dark chalk.  It is a wonderful creative outlet for her (she’s an artiste) and certainly a conversation piece for guests.  I only wish that I had a space where I could make something similar!

In this era of high-productivity, and de-cluttering of our daily lives, chalkboards and other organizational methods are cropping up in all areas of the home.  The chalkboard is no longer confined to the office, but finds its way into our pantries and onto our dining tables.  Here are some of my favorite chalkboard/chalkboard paint applications of late:

♦  Chalkboard paint on pantry storage containers – thanks to a coat or two of chalkboard paint, you can easily discern the flour from the sugar, or maybe more appropriately the bread flour from the all-purpose flour!

♦  Chalkboard paint for drink labels, buffet markers, and wine glass markers – a little scribble of chalk on a chalkboard tag lets guests know the decaf from the regular coffee or distinguishes a pitcher of swamp water (also known as Arnold Palmers or half tea/half lemonade) from the regular tea on a lunch buffet.  I have even seen tiny wine markers large enough for an initial made with chalk.

♦  Chalkboard paint for office supplies – I was looking through a catalog recently and stumbled across a set of office organizers including magazine files and file folder boxes that you can write on with chalk…I only wonder what they might look like when you rub it off to change the text?

♦  Chalkboard paint on pots for a container garden – If you have trouble distinguishing your herbs or you need to remind yourself when you last watered them (I might be talking about myself) you can put a bit of chalkboard paint on your pots to make notations on the contents.  I suppose this would work better in an indoor/sunroom or windowsill container garden though, for obvious reasons.

Have you seen any other interesting uses for a chalkboard or chalkboard paint that I’ve missed?  Share in the comments section!