Black and White Week: Newsprint Magnets

I have been wanting to make my own magnets for a while now, and I have seen numerous examples of just how easy it is to make magnets with clear, floral/garden pebbles, paper, and adhesive.

I thought that using up old newsprint and paper scraps would be a perfect way to recycle and feature these magnets for “Black and White Week.”

I have detailed my methods below, so that you can create your own handmade magnets in mere minutes!

»»  Newsprint Magnets  «« 

♦  1 bag of clear, glass pebbles [Pebbles can be found in the floral and garden sections of home stores and are used to fill vases or for table decor.  The pebbles come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  I got my bag of rather large, clear pebbles at the dollar store, an even better bargain!]
♦  old newsprint and/or craft paper, magazine clippings, or printed images
♦  clear glue or adhesive
♦  magnets [These need to be sized to fit on the back of a pebble.  You will need one per pebble that you plan to use.]
♦  scissors


Begin by choosing the pebbles you want to use.  Each pebble can be different, and some have imperfections that you may want to use or avoid.

Next, select the newsprint portions that you want to use.  A great way to do this is to take a clear pebble and place it over the newsprint so that it magnifies the words and images.  Then, move it around until you find the selection that you want to use on your magnet.  You can feature texts from news stories, fun adjectives, comics, words from headlines, personals, or even want-ads.

◊♦◊  Important Note:  If you feel that the newsprint is too thin, you can cut a backing out for it of card stock in the same shape and glue the pieces together.  You can also use craft paper.  For a few of the magnets, I used a music-themed craft paper that had a sheet-music type of pattern on it.

Here is some of the newsprint I used.

Trace the outline of the pebble on the newsprint so that you have the basic shape, and cut out the shapes for each pebble from the newsprint.  Be sure to wash your hands so that you don’t get newspaper ink all over your pebbles!

The newsprint rounds.

The craft paper rounds.

Once you have the cut outs you can put a thin layer of glue on the clear pebble and then gently press the pebble and the image together so that the image shows through the glass.  Press tightly to move any air bubbles out to the edges and away from the underside of the glass.  You will see the bubbles dissipating as you press the pebble and paper together.

Here are the newspaper magnets, ready to dry. You can see a little excess paper at the edge of one.

Allow the pebbles to dry for a few minutes, then carefully attach a magnet to the back of each pebble with a drop of clear glue.  Press firmly to bind them together.

I left all the pebbles like this to dry, so that the glue didn't bind them to my counter!

The magnets should be dry enough to handle in about 30 minutes.  You can also trim away any excess paper bits with scissors at this point.

These simple magnets would make great gifts — imagine all the ways you could personalize them for friends and family!

Oooh. I can't wait to make more of these!