Black and White Week: White Ink Trends

As “Black and White Week” moves on, I wanted to touch on the topic of white ink in the world of stationery.

This summer, I received several wedding invitations, all of which featured dark stationery: deep purples, blues, and chocolate browns with white lettering.  I was most struck by the handwritten white lettering on the envelopes.  It got me thinking of how beautiful the contrast of the white was against a darker hue of paper.

The Ma Petite Maison Verte slogan on black paper...

Wouldn’t black recipe cards be a clever idea?  The key, of course, is to get a white ink pen or paint pen that makes a nice, distinct line when writing.

I used a permanent paint pen for this, but even so, it took several tries of going over the letters to make them stand out. I will keep looking for a better pen! Test the pens out in the store first ... if you can.

Write on, folks!