Black and White Week: Black and White DIY Wine Charms!

This is a simple method to make DIY wine charms from home for any holiday, color scheme, or party theme you can dream up.  My friend Sarah showed me how to make these from circular earring loops and beads or buttons.

You can use whatever colors you like, but since this is “Black and White Week” at Ma Petite Maison Verte, I used black, white, and some spoooky Halloween charms!


 circular earring loops (25 mm) **these can be found in the jewelry aisle of craft stores for under $2.
 beads of your choice (I like the look of a variety of shapes and sizes, just be sure the holes are large enough to fit the beads onto the wire loops…some seed beads can be quite tiny!
  charms or buttons (I used some black and white Halloween buttons, including: a bat, a witch’s hat, a ghost, and a skeleton)
◊  needle-nose pliers or tweezers, for straightening and tightening

Optional: crimp beads, usually 1 per charm, put at the end (you can use these if you want to bead all the way around the wire loop and keep the beads from moving around!)

Begin by beading the wire loops with the beads of your choice.  I began with the smallest beads with the littlest holes so that they would stay secure on the starting end.  Larger beads with larger holes might slip off, so wait until the second bead for those.

I used silver, circular earring loops. You can see them here. They come with various openings. These had a piece that fit into a hole to secure the loop, others have a piece that is held by a bent bit of wire.

Bead to the middle of the loop and thread a button, charm, or special bead in the center to act as the wine marker.  If needed, straighten the wire to thread on smaller, or longer beads.  You can re-straighten it when you are finished.

Continue beading until you near the end of the wire loop.

Fasten a crimp bead onto the end of the strand of beads, leaving a very small bit of wire without beads.  Tighten the crimp bead so that it doesn’t move by squeezing it tightly with a needle-nose pliers or tweezers.

Repeat the steps above to finish the rest of your wine markers.  These wine charms make great host/hostess gifts!

Here is a close-up view of the skeleton and ghost.

Fun Tip:  You can personalize the wine markers with small letter beads.  Some fun Halloween words to use would be: “Eek,” “Boo,” “Trick,” and “Treat.”