Black and White Week: Black and White Dishcloth Napkins

Black and white…two of my favorite colors.  You really can’t go wrong with either of them, and together, they are beautiful.

This week, from September 23-September 30, will be “Black and White Week” at Ma Petite Maison Verte.  Each day will feature a recipe, decorating idea, craft, or home project that incorporates black or white, or both, in some way.

Today, I am showcasing some bargain dishcloths that I purchased from a sale bin for $2 for six of them.  They make effortless napkins and are super-easy to wash!

The napkins, all stacked up.

I dressed them up a bit with a braided strand of embroidery thread and coordinating ric-rac.  To make, cut 12 lengths of black or white embroidery thread or floss.  Tie together with a length of ric-rac.

You can make these as thick or thin as you want, obviously a thicker cord will show up more against black and white.

Tape to a working surface and braid the strands together.  The ric-rac works well to braid because you can “fit” the embroidery thread into the notches as you go.

Braid the strands together firmly to make the cord.

Here is some of the braiding.

All finished!

Once I braided it together and tied the ends, I trimmed off the excess and loosely knotted the braided cord around the napkins.

For a simpler version, just use ric-rac pieces.

Here are four of the six napkins so you can see the size.

This is a closer view. The top two have plain ric-rac, the bottom is one of the cords I made.

If you want to doll them up, you can attach whatever items you like (perhaps a black-brown acorn from earlier this week, see Festive Fall Napkins) or use other shades of ribbon or thread for contrast!

Another view. The only difference here is an acorn.

Happy Entertaining!