Misadventures in Landscaping

I have been toiling away landscaping in my front “yard” since July now.  Each weekend, I spend a considerable amount of time out there, and by now, my “yard” has experienced quite a makeover.

When I began, there was a large tree and surrounding root mound that took up, roughly, 95% of the “yard.”  I am using “yard” in quotation marks because I doubt that a collection of weeds and crabgrass qualifies as a real yard.  After all, the areas that were made of “grass” were barely big enough to fit a few lawn chairs for “enjoying the view.”

Now the “yard” is a mud/root pit.  The tree is gone, and I have a new terraced garden after four solid weekends of digging, yelling, and pulling muscles.  It’s quite an accomplishment for me us.  If you read this blog at all, then you know that I am gardening-challenged.  My gardening “skills” are limited to picking out overpriced pretty flowers, herbs, and shrubs, lovingly planting them, and then cursing them when they inevitably die.

For the front of the house, I decided to go the safe route and plant some shrubs (some of which will flower in the spring) and to choose varieties that required very little maintenance and would survive in the full sun.  However, I am at an impasse.

I need to add more color and interest and I have no idea what else to plant.  So far, I have used nandinas, loropetalums, and some Huntingdon carpet rosemary.  I was thinking of adding something yellow, or something that will grow 2-3 feet tall, but won’t spread out much because I want height in the small space I have left.  I am open to all colors, but I want whatever I choose to be something that will be an accent year-round, not an annual or something that will come back every year.

◊♦◊  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Otherwise, I might put my brown thumb to bed until next year!