Tiny, Time-Saver S’mores

Have you ever been in the mood for something sweet, but you find yourself lacking the motivation to get out the ingredients, find the equipment, and get messy?  That was me today.  Until I came up with this clever idea: gooey, chocolatey s’mores in mere seconds!

The ingredient list is as short as the cooking time: mini marshmallows and chocolate-covered graham crackers.  The equipment is too: a bowl and a spoon.  Rocket science, I know!

Tiny, Time-Saver S’mores
Makes about 40 s’mores sandwiches. Use a smaller amount of marshmallows to make just a few of these chocolate treats.  The portion as written would be enough to fill a platter for snacking at a party!

Remove the chocolate-covered graham crackers from the packaging.

Sure, you could eat these plain, but wouldn't adding some sticky, melted marshmallow fluff be even better?

Put 1 1/2 cups of mini marshmallows in a pot (to use the stove-top) or use a small bowl in the microwave.

The marshmallows fit nicely into this small-ish bowl.

Melt the marshmallows on the stove-top, stirring often to prevent burning, or heat them in the microwave for 50 seconds, stopping midway through to stir.  Then, remove the hot bowl from the microwave and stir the melted marshmallows until they are smooth.

I zapped the marshmallows in the microwave, and stirred them once. Stir them again when they come out and be careful, the bowl will be HOT! Is this really cooking? I don't know, but the results are delicious...

Use a spoon to dollop a bit of melted marshmallow on an overturned chocolate-covered graham cracker cookie.

Add as much or as little melted marshmallow as you want or can fit in between the cookies.

Top with an additional cookie and press the top and bottom together to make a s’more.  I love how the melted marshmallow oozes out the sides!

I think these took all of maybe 90 seconds to make, if that!

These might become my go-to chocolate fix!