Fun with Fruit Leather!

Whether you call it fruit leather, a fruit roll, or a dried fruit bar…this healthy snack can add a little pizazz to desserts like cupcakes, perk up a school lunch or a breakfast buffet, or grace the edges of plates.  Fruit leather is full of fiber (as you can see) and comes in a wide variety of flavors.  Grab your favorite mini cookie cutters and have at it!

This is the fruit leather I used, but I have also tried flavors like grape, peach, and blueberry!

Remove the fruit leather from the packaging and prepare a clean, flat work surface.

Here are the fruit leather strips and some fall-themed mini cookie cutters.

Use mini cookie cutters to cut shapes from the fruit leather.  You will have to push down a bit hard to make the cookie cutter go through the leather.  I guess they don’t call it “fruit leather” for nothing!

This is one of the maple leaves I cut from the fruit leather.

Here are some cut out fruit leather shapes.

Dislodge the fruity shapes from the cutters and they are ready to eat!  This is one fun way to play with your food!

Two strips of fruit leather yielded six cut out shapes, plus all the tasty trimmings!