DIY Plastic Stencil

Today, I tried to make a homemade stencil using some of the fonts I downloaded yesterday and some plastic packaging.  It turned out a little rustic, and I may do another inking for the final version, which I am using in a card.  The card is for one of my dear friends who is moving cross-country with her significant other to take a new job with her new degree.

I plan to post the final version of the card tomorrow!


 white computer paper with word or image drawn or printed out

 flat plastic packaging

 craft or utility knife with very sharp edge (see photo)

 black or dark colored marker

 clear tape




Begin by cutting out the word(s) or image from the computer paper.  Make sure the borders of remaining white computer paper are small.

I tried several versions of the word "Congratulations!"

Cut the plastic packaging to size also.

Here is the paper and plastic, ready to begin making the stencil. I marked the plastic because it's hard to see in the photo.

Tape the word(s) or image to the back of the plastic packaging.

All ready to trace!

Trace the word(s) or image with a marker onto the plastic.  Check your tracing by pulling the plastic away.

All traced.

Pull the plastic away slightly to check the accuracy of the tracing.

Using the craft knife, carefully cut away the letters.  Be mindful of the font you choose if you are making a word, because the o’s, a’s, and anything with a circle may not come out perfectly.  Be careful for your fingers!

This has some ink on it, but you can see the letters cut out of the plastic.

Cut a small corner of a household sponge to use to ink your design.

I just took a small bit from this sponge to ink and fill in the letters.

Use the sponge to make the word(s) or image with ink on paper.  Now you have a stencil!

All inked. I think I will put glitter in the o and the a, or use a white paint pen to clean up the centers.