My Fonts Runneth Over…

I was browsing the internet today, and I found a très chouette website that specializes in easy, downloadable fonts.  In fact, I can’t believe I’ve been online for years now and I’ve never really explored the world of free fonts.

I know, it’s 2011…how is this possible??

I visited today and marveled at all the variety!  Now I have the perfect fonts for absolutely any type of party invitations!

This one is called "Pop Up Fontio."

I love that you can download whatever fonts you want with just a click (provided it’s not for commercial use, I guess).  For someone like me, who loves homemade stationary, notes, letter writing, and paper crafting, this was a great find!

As a side-note, the quirky, clever, and sometimes disturbing names of the fonts were almost as amusing as the creations themselves!

I can’t wait to use them for monograms, greetings, gift tags, and place cards!  Check back on the blog soon…I’m sure it’ll be font-a-rific!