Give The Color Wheel a Whirl!

I love how just a little punch of color can really wake up a room, or my mood.  Today, I spent some time in my home office and craft closet and found myself picking out little objects that were pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

I was surprised to find how little blue and red I have in my office.  It wasn’t so much of a surprise that I’m lacking in blue things, because blue isn’t one of my favorite colors, but the red surprised me, since it fits into my fall palette of all-time favorite colors: orange, brown, red, and yellow.

Oh well, maybe my subconscious thinks that a red office equals frustration, or something….

I used the objects to make a color wheelSee:

Here is my makeshift color wheel. I put a small white candle in the middle.

The colors opposite each other on the color wheel are complimentary and go well with each other in art, design, and décor.  Reds (and pinks) work well with greens, blues with oranges, and yellow shades with violets.

This color wheel exercise got me thinking about all the small (and affordable) ways to incorporate color into my home — especially in serious, work-filled rooms like my home office.  I also think that color can be a powerful conversation-starter, and it certainly is an indication of personal style.

 What are your favorite colors and how do you like to use them?  Try a new color out in your home and see if it brings you a bit of extra joy!