Pumpkins for Place Cards and Pin Cushions, Oh My!

Welcome Fall!

I have to say that I am thrilled it is September on so many levels: the weather has finally cooled down to reasonable temperatures, rain has returned, and my favorite season of the year is underway.

One of my favorite symbols of fall is the pumpkin, and these pumpkin place cards are a perfect start to fall entertaining.  They also double as a pin cushion or a decoration.

A little pumpkin place card...

A fun, pin cushion pumpkin to hold all those stray pins...

Today, I felt like sewing, so I went online to look for a project to try, and I stumbled upon “Fabric Pumpkins” by Martha Stewart.  Here is the link to the website for instructions on creating some pumpkins yourself.

I think these pumpkins are a festive way to decorate your home, while using fabric scraps, felt pieces, and thread bits that might be lurking in the bottom of your sewing basket.  The website is right, even the most novice sewer can make these in varying shapes and colors!

I did make a few changes to my pumpkins:

  In the craft instructions, it says to begin by folding the fabric rectangle with the right sides facing up to stitch down the side, but I began with the wrong sides facing out so that I could then turn the fabric right side out and my knots would be inside the pumpkins.

  I also stitched all around the top of my fabric “pouch” that creates the pumpkin shape before I stuffed it.  I think doing it that way made it much easier to stuff the pumpkins and keep the filling inside!

  I stuffed my pumpkins with uncooked rice instead of batting/stuffing, so that I could use them for pin cushions OR place cards.  It is easy to stick a pin into the rice for storage or to attach the name of a guest for a fall-themed tabletop.

A plain pumpkin about to be adorned with a seat marker...this little pumpkin was made from a rectangle quite a bit smaller than the smallest 5"x8" rectangle in the instructions. You can customize these pumpkins however you wish!

  I created tops for the pumpkins from felt scraps to save myself a sewing step.  I used felt in contrasting colors to make leafy tops and the stems, and simply stitched them on the stuffed pumpkin bases.  You can certainly add extra accents to the pumpkins by sewing on sequins or buttons.

Otherwise, all the steps are the same!  Happy Crafting!